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Is it time to make the switch to solar in your home? Work with a team you can trust to get the job done fast and with precision. Solar power will not only reduce your impact on the environment, but it will also help you to achieve big savings on your power bill. Renewable energy is the key to making positive changes in your home!

From consultation to the finished product, the team at Active Energy Group will guide you every step of the way. We ensure high quality results and unbeatable service at a cost effective price.

First Time Getting Solar Power?

We’ve put together a helpful guide to help you understand how solar power works and what to expect when going through the process, from initial contact to installation to savings on your power bills.

What Our Customers Say:

Our Process


The first step is to contact us to organise a consultation at your nearest Active Energy Group location. Our team of professionals will talk you through everything you need to know, including what to expect during the installation process and how your home will reap the benefits from day one.

We’ll work together to identify whether solar energy is suitable for your home and lifestyle. Roof orientation, size and power usage are generally the deciding factors. We’ll conduct an inspection of your home to determine your suitability for solar panels. Once we’ve ticked all the boxes, we’ll recommend the best system and form a quote.

Solar panel installation 

Solar panel installation is fast, efficient and can usually be completed within one day depending on the size of your home. During installation the team will conduct necessary preparation before mounting the panels and completing the electrical wiring.

We guarantee the best quality solar panels for your home, supplied by one of our reputable partner brands. Our team are experts in solar installation and will ensure your system is set up to efficiently generate power long into the future.

Unbeatable Support 

At Active Energy Group, we believe your journey to renewable energy should be seamless. 100% Australian family owned and operated, we guarantee a friendly and professional service from start to finish. Solar panels are an investment and you deserve to feel confident about the installation. We take the time to understand your needs in order to select panels that are perfectly suited to you.

Let the team you can trust take care of the work. We’re as excited as you are about your switch to solar!

Solar Maintenance

Support from the Active Energy Group team doesn’t end after installation day. We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your panels perform at their best for years down the track. Solar panels do not require a great deal of maintenance, however from time to time, cleaning and inspection is recommended to take care of any repairs or replacements. Severe weather, vegetation and wildlife can be disruptive to your system, but you can trust the team at Active Energy Group to ensure a fast solution is provided.

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