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Risen Energy (Australia) announced that the company has achieved 120MW of rooftop panels sales in the last 12 months, attaining the highest jump in sales in a one-year period for the company. There is an expectation that this number will grow at a rapid rate in the following years. This is a phenomenal outcome, considering the competition in the market showing the high trust and quality of the products that Risen produce.

Due to Risen (AU)’s growth in solar module sales, they are currently top 3 in the distribution market for rooftops, accounting for approximately 10% of Australia’s rooftop market share.

Eric Lee, General manager of Risen (AU) said that these numbers demonstrate the company’s intention to became a key player in the industry and their increasing popularity in the Australian market. “Given our huge sales growth the past year, we are confident that we will continue to grow not just in the upcoming years, but in the long run as well”, said Mr Lee.

Mr Lee adds that there are also plans to invest in renewable energy projects totalling over 2GW in Australia and the company will continue to expand in the energy storage sector.

Risen Energy is a global solar technology company founded in 1986. They make solar PV panels for the residential market, and supply, fund, construct and operate commercial and utility-scale solar projects

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