5 Ways to Reduce Your Business’ Energy Costs

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Business’ Energy Costs

Have you lost sight of how much it’s costing you to power your business? It often becomes an expense that’s just a part of doing business, however there’s always room for improvement and it can certainly become a more manageable cost.

There are several steps you can take to reduce your business’ energy consumption that will generate short and long term savings. The benefits of becoming a more energy efficient business are both financial and environmental, helping to improve your business’ overall green rating.

Discover the top five simplest ways to reduce your usage and save on your power bill.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Let there be light! Natural light that is. Lighting an office or a large commercial space can become costly. Do your best to take advantage of any natural light, whether it’s through windows or skylights, and only use artificial lighting in areas that are less exposed to the outdoors. While natural light can be advantageous in reducing energy use, it can also be detrimental in your efforts to cool your space during warmer months. The sun’s light and heat can work against your cooling system, so be sure to install blinds, awnings or window film to reduce the effects of the heat.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Equipment

While it may be an investment to get your business set up with energy efficient equipment and devices, it will certainly show its worth in the long run. Don’t run outdated cooling and heating systems (these are renowned for churning through electricity!), switch to computers, monitors, printers and photocopiers with a five-star energy rating and ensure they’re switched off when not in use. Shut down devices or set them to sleep mode when your business is closed. You’ll be shocked at how such a simple task can save you so much on your power bill.

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Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a great way to control the temperature of your building during nights, weekends or holiday periods. Essentially, it will prevent you from wasting money on heating and cooling your building when it’s unoccupied. It will allow you to cut down on your spend and regulate the temperature to suit the current season.

Building Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your building is an important part of increasing the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems. During maintenance, check for any drafts that could be leaking air. Even a small draft that may not identify as a big problem, could be sucking your business of the money spent to power cooling and heating systems.

Switch to Renewable Energy

If you’re serious about operating your business more efficiently, it may be time to invest in solar panels. If your business hours run from 9-5 (peak solar conversion time!), you’ll benefit greatly from a solar system large enough to support your energy consumption. More than  simply a trend, it’s becoming increasingly important to make small adjustments to support more sustainable ways of doing business. Solar panels will allow your business to run off renewable energy and you’ll never pay a hefty power bill again!

Pay more attention to your business’ energy consumption and watch the savings roll in. Whether you make physical adjustments to your space, a few small investments or you encourage employees to become more conscious of their energy consumption; you’ll notice the benefits to your business almost instantly!

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