How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar System

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar System

It’s official, your home is using clean energy. Your solar panels have been installed and it’s time to start reaping the rewards for your home, wallet and the environment. While the panels are more than capable of getting the job done, there are few extra measures you can take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Discover the small changes you can make to your life at home to improve the performance of your solar panels.

Run Appliances During Daylight Hours

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sit in darkness every night when powering your home with solar energy. It can make the world of difference to your consumption levels if you make a conscious effort to use large appliances during the day. Try to use the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer during the day, or set the delayed start function before you leave the house in the morning. This will ensure these appliances use solar energy, rather than pulling from the grid in the evenings. You can also make other small adjustments, including charging electronic devices in daylight hours and unplugging all devices and appliances that aren’t in use at night.

Consider More Energy Efficient Appliances

Upgrading your appliances is an investment, however it’s one that goes hand in hand with the one you’ve just made! Why not continue the great work you’re doing for the environment and save even more money while you’re at it. Appliances with a five-star energy rating will ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be. You don’t need to swap them out all at once. Do an audit on your appliances to determine what is using the most energy, what is costing you the most and what should be changed first.

Use Air Conditioners and Heaters During the Day

Even if you’re not home during the day, why not prepare it for when you arrive home? Use timers on your cooling and heating systems to save the most on your power bill. Get your home to the perfect temperature using your solar power and enjoy comfortable evenings without the stress of paying for it.

Alternate Appliance Usage

Don’t use all your appliances at once! Stagger the use of your appliances so your solar energy system can support your consumption. Give your system a chance to convert sunlight to power and ensure your home and appliances are working with the panels, not competing against them.

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Ensure Panel Maintenance and Upkeep

When it comes to solar panel maintenance, there isn’t much to write home about! It’s fast, relatively infrequent and mostly requires a quick check. Monitor your panels to ensure they aren’t damaged, substantially shaded or covered in debris. By keeping an eye on your panels, you’ll get to the bottom of any issues quickly and your panels will continue to perform at their best for many years to come.

Your new life at home with solar panels is here. Do your best to adapt your lifestyle and give your panels the best chance at helping you to achieve your energy saving goals. While you’ll save money regardless, it pays (quite a bit extra!) to become smarter with your energy use and support your panels.

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