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When you make the decision to purchase solar from an accredited CEC retailer, you’re purchasing from a company you can trust.

What is the CEC?

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the leading body for the solar industry in Australia. In alignment with the solar installation companies they support, the CEC has a vision to power Australia with clean, renewable energy. The organisation raises the standards of the minimum requirements and regulations put in place by the Government, and sets the benchmark for the entire industry. The CEC works closely with industry stakeholders and the Government to constantly improve these standards within Australia.

What it means to be accredited 

CEC solar retail accreditation gives customers peace of mind, as it demonstrates an ongoing dedication to high quality service and industry best practice. We are audited by the CEC regularly to verify the information we supply about our business, and have successfully passed strict requirements in order to become an approved solar retailer. Our accreditation is a testament to the service and products we provide to our customers.

Why you benefit from choosing a CEC accredited retailer

  • You are guaranteed a high level of service
  • It ensures the company has been operating for over 12 months
  • You will receive no less than 5 years warranty on products and workmanship
  • Customer documentation is reviewed by the CEC
  • Every customer quote provided must be inclusive of all information required to make a purchase decision
  • It is obligatory to provide every customer with a full system design that is site specific, includes a roof plan, and outlines orientation with tilt and efficiency losses that could result from shading
  • You will receive complete transparency regarding additional costs that could arise during installation
  • Maintenance and performance measurement education will be provided
  • All terms and conditions must adhere to the CEC standards

The CEC is dedicated to increasing the number of homes in Australia with smarter and cleaner energy systems. Our CEC accreditation means you can rest assured knowing that the solar product and service you’re receiving is above and beyond regular standards. The CEC’s work and support within the industry ensures constant growth and development, integrity and high performance renewable energy systems for all customers in Australia.

For more information about the CEC and our retail accreditation, contact the team at AEG today.