Off-grid Solar: What is it? How can you go off-grid in Australia?

Off-grid Solar: What is it? How can you go off-grid in Australia? 800 800 Active Energy Group

Off-grid Solar: What is it? How can you go off-grid in Australia?

When you think of “going off-grid“, you might think about living in a derelict cabin in the middle of the woods, foraging for food, collecting water from a nearby well, and living by the light of the fire. That’s one way of doing it, sure, but did you know you can also live your current life, in your current home, with all the mod-cons that come with that and never pay a power bill again?

With an off-grid solar system, you can do exactly that. We’re going to explore what going off-grid means and get your inspiration flowing for a self-sufficient lifestyle.

What is Off-Grid Solar?

Have you ever imagined harnessing the sun’s energy just for yourself, without being tethered to the grid? Freedom from ever-increasing power bills and no longer at the mercy of unexpected power outages?

Welcome to the world of off-grid solar systems. Unlike a ‘standard’ solar system, which would usually power various appliances helping to reduce power bills, and feeding excess energy back to the grid, off-grid solar solutions allow you to be entirely independent, generating, storing, and using power directly from your own setup. Imagine it as having your personal power station right at home.

Active Energy Group are experts in all aspects of solar power, including off-grid systems. Curious about the possibilities?

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Benefits of Going Off-Grid

Picture this: a storm rolls in and knocks out power across the state. But at your home, lights still shine, appliances hum, and life goes on uninterrupted. That’s the magic of going off-grid. With such a system, you’re not just independent from the grid; you’re also still up and running and powered during unexpected outages.

Beyond the security and comfort in knowing you’re prepared, there’s also money to be saved. While there’s an initial investment, over time, the sun pays you back, and more. Think of it as sipping from an endless cup of energy that not only serves you but also does wonders for our planet.

With our high-quality solar panel installations and battery storage solutions, you’ll be sure to maximize these benefits, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Ready to reclaim your energy independence?

Components of an Off-Grid System

An off-grid solar system is very similar to what would be considered a standard household system, the main difference being the batteries and storage capacities. At the core of an off-grid system are the solar panels, capturing sunlight and converting it to energy. Next, the batteries—your personal energy storage reservoirs, storing power for when the sun goes down and delivering it to your home as needed. The inverter takes the power produced by the panels and stored by the battery, and transforms it into the kind of power your appliances are expecting. It’s a crucial piece of the entire solar system. Lastly, the charge controllers, which ensure energy flows smoothly and safely to your home and appliances.

Just as a clock needs every cog and gear to tick perfectly, every component in an off-grid system plays a vital role.

Battery Storage Solutions

The batteries in off-grid solar systems are more than just storage units; they’re the heart that keeps your energy flowing, day and night. But not all batteries are created equal. From lead-acid to lithium-ion, each has its own strengths and quirks. Some might offer longer lifespans; others boast faster charging. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right battery (or batteries), and it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Thankfully, our team specialises in battery installation and guidance, and will gladly help you choose the right storage solution that fits your energy needs and budget. We’re also certified Tesla Powerwall installers, which is a perfect product for those looking for a robust battery system.

Active Energy Group are Certified Tesla Powerwall installers

Maintaining an Off-Grid System

Once your off-grid dream comes to life, over time, your system will need some TLC to keep it performing at its best. In the same way that plant leaves will soak up less energy when they’re dirty, so too will solar panels. Cleaning them regularly can make a big difference to your power generation. Over time, even the highest quality batteries will weaken, as all batteries do, and performing regular maintenance checks will ensure you catch any potential issues early, meaning you’re never left in the dark. It might sound like a handful, but that’s where our expertise shines.

Our commitment doesn’t end after installation. We offer maintenance services, guaranteeing that your system keeps running smoothly. Peace of mind, guaranteed. Ready to cultivate your energy future?

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Embarking on the off-grid journey is more than just an energy decision—it’s a statement of commitment to both your pocket and our planet. Once you invest in the initial setup and equipment, the ongoing savings, given the rising electricity prices, are hard to ignore. In some cases, it could have paid for itself within as little as a year or 2. The planet will thank you too: Every watt produced off-grid reduces the strain on fossil fuel-driven power plants, taking a step towards a greener, more sustainable country and planet.

By choosing us for your off-grid solutions, you’re not just securing savings but also championing an environmentally responsible choice.


The world of off-grid solar is vast, and growing, and there are lots of questions and considerations before jumping in. Our team is always ready to provide quick answers and/or in-depth consultations tailored to your unique situation. Give us a call using the number below (or in the main menu) or send us a message using the contact form.

With prices continually evolving, it varies based on system size and components. We’re happy to provide tailored quotes based on your property and budget, ensuring value for every dollar spent.

As covered above, maintenance is a critical part of ensuring an efficient solar system, not least for an off-grid system. If you plan to produce 100% of your own power, you’ll want to ensure your equipment is running as effectively as possible. Our team can take care of the maintenance for you.

With quality components and care, often decades. Solar panels, for instance, can last 25-30 years, with batteries ranging based on type and usage. One thing is for sure: by the time the components reach the end of their life, they will have more than paid for themselves through savings on power bills.

Transitioning from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid

It’s a shift many contemplate—breaking free from the grid’s strings and going completely off-grid and self-sufficient. If you’re currently grid-tied, the transition might seem like a leap into the unknown. But with the right guide, it doesn’t need to be difficult. It involves assessing your current energy usage, expanding or adjusting your solar panel setup, integrating robust battery storage, and setting the stage for your independent energy journey. With our expertise, the path to off-grid becomes much more straightforward. We’re here to assess your energy landscape, design the perfect system, and ensure a smooth transition to an off-grid solar setup. Dreaming of a grid-less tomorrow? Let’s make it happen together.

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